Yielding transformational predictive analytics means combining 3 current islands of data


Sales Forecast

  • Reports revenue and volumes
  • Tie to OEM model demand… 3rd party or your own volumes (vehicles/engines/transmissions)
  • Updated as little as once per year

eBOM, mBOM and margin data for Production status parts

  • Source: ERP
  • Rarely connected to sales forecast
  • Necessary data for near-term margin forecasts (12 months rolling)

eBOM, mBOM and margin data for Awarded and Quoted status parts

  • Source: Multitude of disparate quote spreadsheets in SharePoint folders
  • Lose track of margin
  • Critical data for long-term margin forecasts (12 months to 5 years out)

The difficulty is most manufacturers execute commercial workflows across disparate datasets/tools

Good Better Best Forecasting with Product Modules Slide 2

What steps can manufacturers take to solve the Big Data Challenge…Good>Better>Best Forecasting

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