Better commercial processes and transformational future business visibility? Really?!


Modular Suite...

Saphran’s modular suite forms a closed-loop commercial system for manufacturers that creates aligned and lean commercial processes for winning business, while also yielding detailed rolling financial and operational forecasts.

...Solves Big Data Challenge

Saphran solves a Big Data challenge which clouds future business visibility for most manufacturers. We arm manufacturers in any OEM supply chain with a rolling sales forecast, and then add their critical engineering and manufacturing bill-of-material (BOM) data from ERP system(s),  and their new business quotes.

...Accelerating Commercial Performance

Commercial teams enjoy faster, more accurate response times to customers, along with easy inclusion of future business opportunities into forecasts.

...Yielding Transformational Analytics

Finance, Operations and Purchasing and Sales enjoy future business visibility not previously available to them, which enables them find more ways to drive down costs, grow sales and ensure you exceed target margin.

Saphran’s modular approach can focus specifically on the commercial processes that challenge you most first…



Data Integration