Each new quote represents the financial future of your business…so why would you build it in Excel?

Fast response to customer An intuitive user interface, coupled with a powerful workflow and messaging engine speeds the costing process. Ready analytics always let you know where quotes are in progress.
Output into customer quote formats Output your quotes directly into configured client quote formats. Commercial teams won’t get bogged down reentering data into a wide variety of customer quote submission docs.
Connected to real costs Costing of opportunities happens fast as your BOM content selections for materials, components and processes are tied to real-time cost tables that populate with the latest data.
Lifecycle margin reporting The “future BOMs” created in costing/quoting process are connected to changes in your master cost tables for materials, components and mfg assets…updating resulting margins across your quoted and awarded status business
“Future BOMs” content forecast Your “future BOMs” developed via costing/quoting content your forecast, giving you the ability to forecast margins, capacity utilization, material spend and more (see best-practice forecast analytics)

Response to the customer is faster and costing is more accurate with Saphran’s functionality…

Intuitive interface for all users in the costing and quoting processes to focus and contribute in a timely manner,” including:

  • Identify opportunity, then configure quote team workflow by role and/or create templated quote response teams for ease of use with certain product types, customers, etc. Kick-off new business quote process, or design-change evaluations for current products System messaging notifies users when inputs/approvals/reviews are required and/or when aging. Constant quote throughput analytics show where quotes are in process.
  • Role-based user configured homepages and task dashboards focuses each contributor on his/her tasks (typically design engineering, mfg/industrial engineering, purchasing, tooling, packaging, finance, sales). Multiple roles can be assigned to single user as needed.
  • Ability to host and maintain supporting master cost tables for materials, components, manufacturing assets, burden/labor, etc. …or integrate to other primary sources for master cost data
  • Configured financial reporting in pricing/markup stage let’s you evaluate for each opportunity whether you’re meeting financial goals for margin, EBIT, NPV, etc.
  • Converts finished work from your internal pricing/markup configurator into any of your customer quote formatted documents/forms for submission
  • Tracks lifecycle margin of quoted and awarded business as master input costs and pricing change over time
  • Accommodate indexing and/or forecasted futures prices of critical input materials and commodity components from either 3rd party forecasts (like IHS Pricing/Purchasing Service) or your own indexes