“A rolling sales forecast is nice, but a Margin, Capacity Utilization, Material Consumption forecast is transformational!”

Data integration that ties essential financial and operational detail to your forecast (Your ERP and PLM data are officially invited to the forecast party!) Saphran’s ConnectBase allows you to align forecasted parts with additional data on those parts in ERP and PLM/PDM systems. Saphran’s integration toolset can also connect with CRM and your business intelligence reporting tools.

Saphran clients gain tremendous value from data integration such as:

The “composite forecast” Unlocks/automates the rolling forecast that Finance has so much trouble building and sharing with Sales. ConnectBase combines the 3 critical “composite” inputs of ship history, near-term customer orders (EDI) from your ERP with the future sales forecast into typical the 12—24 month rolling plan. Sales and Finance can finally agree on the plan…and Operations reduces plant inventory costs.
Production-status BOMs content your forecast ConnectBase aligns and connects the forecast of your finished products with the eBOM and mBOM data of those products stored in your ERP. Combined with the future eBOM and mBOM data from your awarded-status and quoted-status products, this integration helps you paint a transformational financial and operational forecast that is best-practice among manufacturers.
BOMs from newly awarded business content your PLM/PDM system Your costing process during your commercial quotation effort is the first iteration of your product’s Bill-of-Materials. When you leverage Saphran for your costing/quoting process the BOMs from your recently awarded new business and design changes automatically content your rolling forecast and sync into your PLM/PDM.
Maximize value of your current enterprise software Saphran is a perfect compliment to your ERP, PLM, and CRM for your forecasting and planning needs. Saphran’s product suite "closes the loop" for many business processes, adding even more value to commercial business applications.