The forecast that’s always on…
Leverage powerful forecast functionality to answer your critical questions

“What if…?” Saphran scenarios functionality let’s you model alternative market conditions including OEM volumes, currency exchange rates, input material costs, etc.
“How am I doing versus plan?” Archiving functionality let’s you compare current forecasts to previous versions at any time
“Why is my forecast changing?” Saphran’s tools help you isolate the causal factors that are changing your outlook
“Finance plan needs to match Sales plan!” ConnectBase connects with ERP to incorporate ship history and current customer orders, producing a clear true “composite source” rolling forecast
“This product…that plant…this customer?” Your rolling forecast quickly delivers the analytics you need in the many various ways you need view the business

Easier to have a rolling the forecast when it is connected with your everyday commercial processes…

Intuitive interface for the commercial team to identify and follow their business enables the forecast to “roll,” including:

  • Opportunity identification and tracking
  • Connecting to 3rd party OEM product demand sources (IHS Markit, LMC, Power Systems Research, other)
  • Entry of customer demand forecasts and/or leverage recent ship history and pricing for demand planning
  • Kick-off new business quote process, or design-change evaluations for current products (see QuoteBase)
  • Loss/competitive assignment for market share tracking
  • Pricing and complex contract administration
  • Mass Edit/Mass Load – Intuitive Excel UI connected to your database for wider data edit administration or offline entry/adjustment