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Saphran Solutions 

Forecasting and business planning 

  • Identify and follow your commercial business through an intuitive interface which enables the forecast to “roll"

  • Track opportunities from whitespace though production  

  • Manage real time progress to goal

  • Connect to 3rd party OEM product demand sources 

  • Enter customer demand forecasts and leverage recent ship history and pricing for demand planning

  • Track loss/competitive assignment for market share as part of strategic planning

  • Simplify complex contract administration

  • Connect to your data via Intuitive Excel UI for wider data edit administration or offline entry/adjustment

  • Integrate with other enterprise business systems including ERP, PLM, CRM and BI

Cost, Price and profitability 

  • Kick-off new business quote process, or design-change evaluations for current products 

  • Quick Copy like Quotes

  • Use constant quote throughput analytics show where quotes are in process and you much money you are making

  • Configure financial reporting in pricing/markup stage, allowing you to evaluate each opportunity for meeting financial goals for margin, EBIT, NPV, etc.

  • Quickly generate internal (business case) and external (customer forms) for immediate review

  • Automatically track lifecycle margin of quoted and awarded business as master input costs and pricing change over time​

Saphran BI

  • Standardize and reuse your analytics content

  • Centrally manage secure role-based access at a granular level

  • Remove the risk of moving or replicating data

  • Deliver your data and analytics for impactful decision-making

  • Ask your data anything and collaborate seamlessly in dashboards and reports

  • Deliver fast and easy data access for your decision-makers

  • Easily connect the Saphran data model to existing BI solutions


  • Transfer ship history from your ERP system

  • Align shipped parts with your rolling forecast using ship location and algorithm to compare shipped part numbers to family part number

  • Automatically update part attributes in the rolling forecast from attributes in ERP

  • Distribute shipped volumes and revenues across all forecasted parts 

  • Align EDI forecast with Saphran rolling forecast and create a consensus forecast template

  • Create a Composite Forecast report combining ship history, EDI/Consensus, and all third-party and internal forecast information for each part in your rolling forecast database

  • Easily integrate to other enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, and PLM. 

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