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Being a Chameleon in a Market Jungle - Adapting to Change

Change Is Constant

The current business environment seems to be designed around the idea that change is the only constant. One example is the surging, but not always predictable, EV market. Market data sources are useful, but often not accurate enough. Some manufacturing companies seek to mitigate risk by diversifying their product portfolio - sometimes into completely new industries. Some see the task of managing changes within their native industry or branching into new industries as mountains to climb because the software they use to manage demand forecasting is simply not adaptable enough to enable and support the effort.

How to Adapt to the Unknown

Chameleons demonstrate the advantage of being able to quickly adapt to the environment. It increases their chances of success in hunting their next meal and avoiding being a meal for a bigger predator. Smart manufacturers increase their chances of success by seeking every possible advantage when facing the unknown:

  • Combining market data feeds with proprietary intel to create a comprehensive forecast gives companies vision to the whole playing field.

  • Tracking multiple forecast scenarios to enable contingency planning keeps them ahead of the game as conditions, assumptions, and the market change.

  • Growth through diversifying into new industries protects against the vulnerability of depending on a single industry in flux.

Saphran is the Advantage

Companies that value adaptability value Saphran.

  • Manage Multiple Forecast Sources - Integrate your market intel with standard market data feeds to put your company in the best position to create an actionable, trustworthy forecast.

  • Easily Juggle Multiple Forecasts - Compare multiple sources of market data to customer intel to your own, internal information. Provide contingency planners with a solid foundation by creating detailed market performance scenarios.

  • One Application to Rule Them All - Your company can manage demand forecasting and sales for multiple industries within a single application. .

Saphran helps you adapt!

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