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Countering Inflation - What can you do?

Continued Inflation is Looming

Inflation has risen sharply over recent months posing a significant challenge for manufacturers as it drives up costs across the board. Rising prices for raw materials, labor, energy, and transportation combine to squeeze profit margins and disrupt business operations. Long term contracts often do not protect against the effects of inflation with some exception for some raw materials. The resulting rise in costs has left companies underwater and in danger of drowning.

An essential part of mitigating the impact of inflation and ensuring continued growth and profitability is choosing the right software solution to aid in forecasting revenue, collecting and managing data on rising costs, and accurately projecting the overall impact across the enterprise.

You Need a Plan

Companies can take some control over this situation and help themselves. Choose the right software tools to manage the entire scope of cost, sales, and related processes. Leverage your intel to consider and prepare for multiple possible scenarios. Scale the granularity of the data to increase accuracy and achieve comprehensive, precision forecasting.

With this information, companies can plot future pricing that protects them from rising costs.

Saphran is the Plan

Companies that understand planning value Saphran.

  • Comprehensive Demand Management - Saphran enables manufacturers to accurately forecast revenue by integrating industry demand forecasts, internal intelligence, and sales data. This allows manufacturers to make informed decisions regarding pricing, production, and sales strategies to mitigate the impact of inflation. With Saphran's help, you can create the best demand/revenue forecast out there: your own.

  • Detailed Cost Management - Track and forecast cost down to each raw material and component, rolled up to the finished good. Saphran facilitates efficient collection, organization, and analysis of cost data. Manufacturers can track projected costs, monitor supplier pricing, and optimize procurement processes to effectively manage rising costs.

  • Combine Cost, Demand, and Actual Shipment Information - By incorporating actual shipment data, Saphran enables manufacturers to compare projected data with real-time information. This ongoing comparison creates a cycle of adjustments that can continually increase the accuracy of projections.

  • Scenarios - Saphran equips manufacturers with real-time insights, enabling data-driven decision-making. Proactively adjust pricing, optimize production schedules, and explore alternative sourcing/marketing strategies to counteract inflationary pressures effectively.

Saphran can help you plan!

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