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It Hurts, But How Much? Quantifying the Impact of Cost Changes

What We Are Seeing

In today's economic environment, unexpected material cost changes are unavoidable. They seem to come out of nowhere and leave you scrambling to react. This kind of situation can impact not just pricing decisions, but delivery decisions across multiple customers. With limited vision comes restricted options for how to respond. It can feel like you're being pushed out on a tightrope blindfolded.

The Saphran View

What would help is an expanded vision of how your material costs interact with your sales forecasts, down to individual end items. Even better: the ability to try out different purchasing scenarios, pricing, and supply options to fine-tune your reaction to a situation instead of relying on a best guess.

The Path Forward

Saphran gives you the power to connect your material and process costs to your sales data and the ability to look at multiple possible future scenarios.

  • Evaluate Marginal Impact of Cost Changes - see the future impact at the sku level when material costs changes are introduced.

  • Assess Repercussions of Supply Chain Constraints - understand how material constraints will affect individual end items and sales.

  • Explore Multiple Possible Mitigations - scenarios involving supply chain changes, pricing changes, production changes - interactive and integrated to your forecast.

Let Saphran be your safety net.

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