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Supply Chain: Crisis and Opportunity

What We Are Seeing

Companies around the globe are seeing their supply chains strained, and the economic impacts have manifested as material shortages, increased wait times, production delays, and higher prices. In the short term, this is exposing weaknesses in the economy, but in the long run, this will highlight the opportunities that some businesses were able to capitalize on by being nimble and responsive to a shifting environment.

The Saphran View

Just-in-time production may need to adapt to a just-in-case style of material purchasing. But a one-size fits all approach to managing these issues can bury efficiencies that would otherwise help a business stand out as a leader in mitigating the rough waters, able to deliver value to customers and revenue to the company instead of losing market share and enduring drastic, misguided internal cuts.

The Path Forward

The right tools can help a company chart the best course, mitigating risk and maximizing reward.

  • Contingency Forecasting - Your forecast will rarely be accurate! So, prepare for both the ups and downs with instantly responsive what-if scenarios that show the impact on your business at all levels of your operations.

  • Unmatched CPQ Functionality - manage your margins with granular control for custom-designed products.

  • Impact Analytics - the right data, integrated with top level business intelligence, to shine the light on the best options prescriptively when making crucial decisions.

Saphran can help you turn crisis into opportunity.

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