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CONTINGENCY - Does Your PLAN Align With Your RISKS?

Stuck On Step One

As we head into the New Year, companies around the globe are working to address the current crisis in the supply chain. Part of the problem is visibility to the cascade of connected changes that can follow the latest crisis: the seeds of future crises. Putting off a comprehensive response just ensures that we never leave crisis mode.

Saphran Makes The Difference

Two types of companies will move forward. There will be those that can't see beyond weathering the current storm. They address whatever is in front of them on a day to day, hour to hour basis until they can’t. Then, there will be those that see the bigger picture. They will bring together the tools that help them be prepared no matter what the next crisis may be, seizing opportunities that others aren’t even aware of. Saphran can help you do that.

How To Take The Next Step

With Saphran, companies can more easily innovate to create a supply chain that is more adaptable, agile, and anticipatory.

  • Get Connected - Saphran connects sales to itemized costing so that demand forecasting can help you plan detailed material purchasing in advance, giving you an edge.

  • Broaden The Vision - Saphran extends this connection through historical, current, and forecasted market conditions and brings it all together in what-if scenario planning.

  • Keep It Nimble - Don’t be stuck waiting on reporting cycles to react to changes that are happening now. Saphran provides intuitive tools that make it easy to manage your planning on a constant, rolling basis – so you can stay ahead of the challenges to come.

Saphran can help.

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